The perfect outdoor space

The perfect outdoor space

Top 5 ways to create the perfect outdoor space

Having a garden that serves as an ideal outdoor living space can provide numerous benefits. It can serve as a relaxing escape from daily life, while also providing fresh air and sunlight. Contrary to popular belief, creating the perfect outdoor living space doesn't have to be a costly endeavor. Regardless of the size of your garden, it can be transformed into a tranquil space that allows you to unwind and enjoy the outdoors.

Efficient use of the space

When designing a garden, it's important to consider the amount of sunlight the space receives. If working with a smaller space, use existing structures to your advantage and choose furniture that fits snuggly to maximise the area. For larger gardens, there are more options for furniture and ornaments, even water features. Before filling the space, consider the desired level of openness and purpose of the garden. Access to the garden should also be taken into account, utilising patios or bi-fold doors to connect indoor and outdoor spaces. Consistent styling can create a seamless flow even without existing access points.


Don’t forget the shelter

A pergola or gazebo can enhance your outdoor living space, adding beauty and value to your property. They provide a functional outdoor getaway for your family and friends, allowing you to enjoy your garden year-round. When choosing between the two, consider the scale and style to ensure it blends with your landscape. To create the perfect outdoor experience, pair with garden furniture, lighting, and entertainment extras.

Focus on the flow

Utilising your garden to create a seamless look between the outdoors and in. When well thought out this will blur the lines between your garden and homes to produce the feel of a single room. To create the perfect cohesive scheme, match your indoor and outdoor décor style. For example, if your indoor living space is minimal and modern, this should continue through to your outdoor space, using clean lines and simple furnishings. Similarly, if your home is more traditional in style, you should opt for more rustic furniture and accessories outdoors to match the interior.

Lighting is key

Garden lighting can transform your outdoor space without breaking the bank. It can create a twinkling oasis, highlight key features, or simply make your garden more usable after dark. The right lighting is crucial, so consider your garden's needs and what will suit your space. There are endless lighting options available to elevate your design and increase your enjoyment of your garden after sunset.

Lots of seating

When designing your garden, seating should be the top priority. Consider the space and how much room the furniture will take up. Determine the purpose of the space, whether it's for dining, entertaining or something else. It's important to have enough room to manoeuvre. There is a wide range of furniture available, from egg chairs to large lounge sets. The material of the furniture will affect the style of your garden. Wooden furniture will give a more organic feel, while metal will provide a contemporary touch. Cushions are a great way to make the furniture more comfortable and inviting, and will add a welcoming touch to your garden.

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